Comment on 10th Std Pass, Market Wizard from Thrissur

vipulbhadra commented on 13 Jun 2014, 02:35 AM

Nithin ….. While you may see this as inspirational story, i see this as promoting bad trading habits.

I cringed when i read this “don’t really have a risk management policy as such. I don’t have fixed stop losses, I average my position when in loss, I go against the trend, break many rules that a lot of analysts keep shouting out on TV asking to follow. ”

The trader is trading based on his instincts and without a stop loss or any form of trading plan. While he has developed pure price action reading skills , im afraid others (specially the new-kid-on-the-block) will look upon this as inspiration proof of what they always believed – “Trading doesn’t need any planning, instincts suffice”.

You sir, might want to put up a big disclaimer against instinctive trading.

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