Comment on Z5 - Intro to our HTML5 Trading Platform

TradeStar commented on 11 Jun 2014, 11:36 PM

Hello Zerodha,

I am new zerodha user. I have following feedback about your service:

1) I see that, you have launched Z5 platform almost a year ago, however you don’t have any detailed USER GUIDE (nor video tutorials) on how to use this platform !!

Please provide us detailed user guide which will explain various terms used by Z5 platform and how to trade using the same.

Idea of using HTML5 based platform Z5 appears to be good, but needs lot of improvements. Specially, chart displayed by Z5 is of no use.
– We can only zoom out the chart. There is no provision to zoom in.
– No provision to scroll back and forth horizontally, when zoomed in.
– Very difficult to read values from the candle-stick chart
– We cannot see last 5 days of intraday data.
– Volume data will be highly useful

2) Web interface of ZERODHA is not at all upto the mark. It needs improvement with respect to following points :
– Reduce number of steps required to log-in into the website.
– Larger font sizes
– Tidier interface, with well defined structure.
– Reduce the number of clicks required to reach to designed report/section/trade placement

3) Account opening process is extremely slow. It has been more than 10 days after submitting all the forms, still my Equity Demat account is not yet opened, and I don’t have access to NEST Plus.

4) Blog entries on Z-Connect are really good and useful. Please keep writing more. It will be great if there is a FAQ guide explaining various terms used by zerodha trading platforms (like Limits, Triggers, AMO, MIS, CO, etc…) along with their examples.


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