Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

chandru mehta commented on 24 Jun 2016, 07:18 PM

a) Volatility for Brexit day 24th June was know well in advance. Did you not choose to inform clients on 23rd that MIS Intraday trading would be blocked and other facilities would be available. What stopped you from informing clients in advance ?

b) I fail to understand how i would have lost more that 9000 rs in intraday trading . Can you provide me a example to prove your point ? If you were to place to reduce margins on 23rd June itself there is no calculation that would have made me a loss of more than 9000 on that day.

For example from the current SBI x 11 times margin you could have brought it down to SBI X 3 times ( example ) worst case scenario . You website has already a disclamer on this .

Rs 9000 ( 30% )after haircut could have been 6000 x3 times = 18000 divided by SBI price range fluction180 – 230 which would have not resulted a loss more than 3000 – 4000 rupees even if circuit breakers came into play.The amount would be well in place for covering losses.

Are you saying other trading Houses are foolish and have not seen this through . I have stocks with Edelwiess and they have a haircut & x 7 times margin in place. Brexit or volatility it was business as usual.

Zerodha has a faulty policy in place and a apology is the need of the hour . You have become a most Undependable Service Provider always blaming others like bandwidth vendors when the entire day the link was down , crashing at crucial trading times. This seems all selective and fishy .

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