Comment on Pi bridge - gateway to trade using other programs

Pradipta commented on 23 Jun 2016, 01:45 PM

Hi Nitin,

I am a great fan of Zerodha and using it since last 2 years almost. Now, it’s time to grow for me and trying to use external charting software for backtesting and scanning. I know Pi can do most of the elementary strategy and testing itself but wondering whether it has market replay button as well? If not, request you to suggest how can I do it by some other means ( using external software)?

Need to use Market Replay to check few of my strategies after market hours ( both intraday & EOD data)
Need to do backtest using codes
Need to create a full automated system for trading

All these are necessary for me to continue trading as I do work in a corporate 9-6 office also.


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