Comment on Introduction to Winners

Amit Shetye commented on 19 Jun 2016, 02:01 AM

Does anyone know that the major market turns as well as many minor can be predicted consistently well in advance , many times to the exact day, n sometimes to the exact hour with 80-85% accuracy… For ex i had predicted the move from 7715 to 8200 levels would commence somewhere arnd the 25-26 of may… Bgt heavy qtys of calls n earned well in just 3-5 days… But knowing that something is likely to happen & backing that with disciplined trades is quite difficult… I have been very very successful at predicting but have often failed at acting on those bcoz mental discipline makes all the difference… But recently have been improving..won zerodha challenge 5 times in a row n hope to continue that winning streak…good luck to all fellow traders…..

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