Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

Peeyush commented on 18 Jun 2016, 05:02 PM

Hi Venu,

Thanks for your time for answering my queries in detail. I have following queries again based on your answers

1. Please ask Aksahay to write to me and I can explore

1. when you say you have better experience with Axis bank by that you mean seamless transactions between the NRE/NRO transfers from Axis PIS to Zerodha demat and trading account. if I keep money in Axis PIS how quick is the transfer from Axis PIS to your trading account? is it instant like in my HDFC 3 in 1?
2. When you say Axis has better charges can you please give me the charges comparison to make a decision between HDFC and Axis as I would love to reduce my charges in that case.
3. If I go with Axis how much time it takes to open a new PIS and will I need to close the HDFC PIS before applying the Axis PIS? I just wanted to know the time frame as I will not be able to trade if this takes a lot of time.
4. how much time will it take for closure cum transfer of my holdings from HDFC to Zerodha Demat?

Please ask Akshay to write to me so I can explore this process and if the whole time frame is not going to take a long time then I might be interested in this.

Best Wishes,

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