Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

Peeyush commented on 17 Jun 2016, 02:31 PM


I am an NRI based in Dubai and have been trading with HDFC bank ( I have the PIS, trading and demat account all with them) Can you please answer my following queries if I want to shift to Zerodha?

1. If I want to trade with Zerodha-can I use the same PIS account?
2. can I use the same HDFC demat account or will need to open a new Demat account with you?
3. If I have to open a new Demat trading account with you for trading can I keep using the existing demat trading /demat account as it is or I need to close it and shift the demat and trading account with Zerodha. In case I need to close and shift everything with Zerodha whats the procedure and workflow, time involved as I have quite a big substantial holding with HDFC ? also advice me of the charges to do so.
4. If I keep the PIS account with HDFC bank and credit/debit money to and from the zerodha account whats the cost involved- is it just the IMPS/NEFT charges or bank charges any additional to that. If you can find that from your HDFC contact that will help us evaluate the total charges.
5. As you are saying your tie up with Axis is better and has less charges-Can I open a new PIS account with Axis bank and start trading with you? If I can not open a new PIS and stil want to go through Axis bank-Zerodha combinations how to go about it from my existing 3in1 HDFC bank and the holding i have there in.
5. I will be coming to India soon- if I plan to open the account with Zerodha after coming to India. do you have any representative office in Pune and do you still need embassy attested documents if I am opening an account in India?

If I have missed on anything please fill in. I just need to know and compare the best way to shift to Zerodha as my volumes are quite high and would like to see if I can seamlessly shift to zerodha from HDFC bank.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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