Comment on Introduction to Winners

Amit Shetye commented on 17 Jun 2016, 02:01 PM

if u truly want to succeed n r serious enough n r prepared to work hard for years then i may be of help… u see trading is a business n u have to be well prepared n must not shy away from years of hard work… i went thru the same process for years… lost a lot n now have earned it back…n m earning heavily now.. market can be predicted with accuracy 80-85% of the time…that too well in advance but it takes serious work… i will tell u exactly what to study but it may take years to master n be good at it….. if u r serious mail me at ********… n remember i dont charge anything… just wld like to help out a fellow trader… U said u paid a lot to consultants…. The most imp advice i can ever give u is never never never trust the so called experts…..u will never earn that way… be prepared to dedicate years to perfect the art….. best wishes…

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