Comment on EA's for auto buy/sell signals - Pi

Srivida commented on 17 Jun 2016, 10:44 AM

Hi Nithin
Want to start with thanking you for all your and your team’s efforts on zer0dha. BIG FAN…
I have written a few strategies on PI and have backtested them. The strategies involved EMA 10, EMA 30 and EMA 50 in one way or other. I have copied them to EA and have applied them on charts too. All went well. My question is this:
If I open a 10 minute chart for a script at 915 am and apply a EA with EMA 50, will the EA wait for 50 10 minute candles to passby for the day before generating an alert or is the EA applied on running candles no matter the day? IOW, will my EA start generating alerts (if they are applicable) from the first candle of the day itself or will it wait for sometime for some kind of validation?
A reply is greatly appreciated.

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