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agsuresh commented on 07 Jun 2014, 02:45 PM


After setting a template as default, every new chart opened using that temple as you suggested.


I uninstalled the 3.10 version and installed the latest 3.11 version. pls look at the following scenario

I have a temple with Borllinger bands, MACD & RSI – This is default one

I have another temple with two SMA bands & MACD.

When open a chart – it opens with the default one. However when I upload the second temple, it does but the borllinger band etc stays on the screen. (the screen is not refreshed with the new template).

This prob was not present in the 3.10 version.

why is it so?

(I hadn’t uninstalled Nest Plus. only installed the 3.11 Nest )

Could it be the reason or is it a bug?

A.G.Suresh Babu

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