Comment on Trading Systems

Hanan commented on 05 Jun 2014, 07:08 PM

Suresh, my answers are given below:

1. You can save a default chart template and when you reopen it will open with the settings you’d left it with. However, there’s a small little bug in Nest Plus which sometimes makes that setting disappear suddenly. If that ever happens, you’ll have to redo it.

2. The feature to add Custom Columns seems to be working as far as I know because we create a couple of custom columns in the View Limits window. However, I’ll run this by with my developers.

3. We don’t believe there’s any big advantage of using the web charts facility unless you have a weak system. Also, the web charts are only for Equity which I don’t think is very useful. It hasn’t been marketed to us so I don’t think it’s intended for Zerodha clients. I’d advise you not to pick it up.

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