Comment on Trading Systems

agsuresh commented on 04 Jun 2014, 11:58 PM


1) Every time I load that chart of scrip, it goes back to the default chart style and I had to upload my template. Is it possible to make a particular template as default and any chart should open with that template. Similarly the “Normal View” (Ctrl + N) could be made default one.

2) There is feature to “add Custom Columns” on the marketwatch.

When we add a new column with say a formula to display “LTP” – “Open” it displays with only an integer number instead of double / float. For ex: 320.55 – 312 display as 9 instead of 8.45.

3) what are the advantages of subscribing to the following over the charting that is available now?

The charting utility shown in the above link is exactly similar to what provides free.

The charts are good, but now as flexible as available on NestPlus. Then why charge it separately? Or is it for some other clients ?


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