Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Sanjeev commented on 15 Jun 2016, 12:07 PM

I like pi very much. Here are some suggestions to make it better .

1. It will be great if there is a fixed line at 30 and 70 in RSI, by default, as we have in NEST.
2. If 78.6 % level is also added to the Fibonacci retracement tool. Or if we could modify it as per our requirement.
3. Currently the lines are of one colour only. It will be better if users can choose different colours for different lines. I mean , if I want to draw one line in blue and another in red or any other colour, this is not possible right now.
4. Some times the actual high or the low of a particular candle is not showing whereas NEST shows almost all extreme or sudden spikes on the chart. This is not rare. It happens very frequently. Therefore, the chart becomes deceiving. For e.g., today’s open and low of nifty future june , till 11:57 AM is 8105.10 . But this is not showing on the chart on pi, whereas it is showing on and NEST .

Another example is in Bank nifty june future . The high is 17724 at 9:15 Am but pi shows 17700 on the chart. And at 11:43 AM the low is 17593 whereas pi chart is showing it as 17596.05 .

It will be great if these issues are taken care of .


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