Comment on algoZ- a simple example

agsuresh commented on 03 Jun 2014, 05:59 PM


You may have answered this question, but I did not get it right, hence asking again.

Is it possible to enter a trade like this

But @ LIMIT price (or even market price will do)

Sell @ High price or @ Low price (stop loss).


A more complex scenario would be

But @ LIMIT price (or even market price will do)

Set initial stop loss at X% from the Buy price

Sell @ High price

If the price goes up the stop loss also goes up by X% from the last price (like a trailing stop loss).

This would be similar to scalping algo in metatrader.

I do understand from your various posts, that also needs to be registered and verified etc.

but pls clarify if either of the above is possible or not. I am not very keen on fully automated trading like that is available for forex.

The above will help immensely.


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