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agsuresh commented on 28 May 2014, 05:04 PM


I got the account only yesterday, so checking the software first.

1) I too had the same of “subscriptions exceeded 30” fatal error when I tried to save another marketwatch with about 20 scrips.

2) There is facility “add custom column”

In this we can provide as formula and the result shall be displayed. However there is some error. Only the integer value is displayed. For ex: for the formula “LTP”-“Open” and if the values are 12.5 & 10, instead of showing 2.5, the value displayed shall be 12.

3) You have provided very good explanation for Margin calculator with stop loss cover and margin & span calculator. I am confused

For ex: I checked infy today on span calculator and it gave the following figures
Span margin : 29605
Exposure margin: 19542
Total margin : 49147

And on margin calculator
Price : 3109.75
qty : 125 (1 lot)
Stop loss : 3100
Actual value : 388719
Margin required : 6414
Leverage : 61x

So what is difference and which is value I should take for normal trading with or without stop loss (mostly with stop loss).

It would be nice if you provide the margin percentage of all FO scrips in a list.

suresh shenoy.

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