Comment on Bracket Orders & Trailing Stoploss (SL)

Determined commented on 27 May 2014, 09:09 PM

Hello, I am going to open an account with you, and one of the reasons I have decided to open it with you is your Bracket Orders 🙂

I however have one query reg. ‘TSL and Trailing Ticks’ combination, which I hope you’ll find easy to address..

Let’s say I place following BO:

Buy NIFTY @ 7400
Target 20 points (7420)
TSL absolute 10 points (7390)
Trailing Ticks (absolute) 5 points.

Does this mean my SL jumps up 5 points each time Nifty moves up by a quantum of 5 points, or that only for the first revision of SL, Nifty has to move up by 5 points? After first revision of SL, will SL keep revising upwards with every fraction of a point Nifty moves in favourable direction?

For example, I understand that when NIFTY moves to 7404.90, my SL stays at 7390, but as soon as it touches 7405, my SL revises to 7395. However what I want to understand is, when NIFTY moves further to 7406, does my SL revise to 7396, or will the system wait again for another full 5 points NIFTY movement to 7410 before SL jumps to 7400 from 7395?

So, is the “Trailing Ticks” only an initial threshold for SL to revisefor the first time, or does it always work in packets of specified points?


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