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Sameer commented on 02 Jun 2016, 12:39 AM

Hi, when I buy/sell a stock for intraday using kite.. if the stock is bought/sold then in the ”Orderbook Section” its shown as executed order & in ”Positions Section” its shown as open positions (1).. then when I want to square off my position.. I again go to the ”Positions Section” place the mouse on the particular stock.. an ”exit” button is displayed.. I click on that exit button and a new buy/sell order window is opened.. and from their I place an order for squaring off.. after squaring off the order is shown as executed order in the order book.. but when again I check into ”Positions Section” its showing as OPEN POSITIONS (1) ”BUT” in a mild shade and when I again place the mouse on that particular stock.. the exit button is NOT displayed.. so in the position section try to check for the exit button & the shade light/dark by taking the mouse on that particular stock.. I am not a Zerodha authorized person.. just a client like you.. Regards..

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