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Sameer commented on 02 Jun 2016, 12:06 AM

Issue regarding order placing via kite..
Hi, today around 09:52 pm bought Tata Steel @ 335.65 it was a ”limit order”… around 12:52 pm the stock was trading around 332.65.. so placed another ” LIMIT” order for selling the stock & the rate I filled in the order slip was 330.60 assuming.. if the rate comes to 330.60… the position will get squared off.. but when I pressed the sell button it got sold immediately at 332.65… the rate at which it was trading during that time.. Same thing happened for Rinfra.. bought it at 541.60 limit order & when after 3 hours it was trading low at 535.50.. I placed another sell ”limit” order.. the rate filled was 530.. but when I pressed the sell button it got sold at the market rate of 535.50. When I am placing a ”limit” order with a specific rate mentioned in the slip for squaring off my position then how come the stock is getting sold at the current market price… Also while getting into a new position.. say a stock is trading at 100 now if I want to buy it only above 100 and hence I place a buy ”limit” order @ 101 so when the stock comes at 101 the order will get executed or i ll get the stock at the market rate… Please advice.. Refards

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