Comment on Deciphering NSE's 'Execution Range' circular.

S S Dahale commented on 31 May 2016, 07:13 PM

why my orders to sell futures of JUST DIAL July 2016 were rejected today 31 may 2016-tuesday by 3.15 PM to 3.30PM ( for price 640,638.55,640), though there were purchasers at 640,638,625 and seller at 645 also for reasons “The price is out of current execution range “, though the prevailing price was much above for that contract at 645, underlying price of equity just dial was 677 at that moment , though today’s low of equity just dial was 640.50 at 9.29 hrs , high of equity just dial was 680.90 at 14.25 hrs, though i could manage to sell 2 contracts of just dial July 2016 earlier at -626.85, and -641.35, kindly put your views…why this happened

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