Comment on How to use the option calculator?

jitendra commented on 31 May 2016, 06:12 AM

hello nitin sir,
i buy only index(nifty50 and Bank Nifty) . i told you, i have already added CE/PE using your powerful desktop app “PI”. let me convey you first what i have added to my market watch list and how.
1) select NFO from drop down menu.
2) later on select OPTIDX of nifty 50 .
3) select CE (call option) due to market bullish
4) 16 june futures and press enter
in market list nifty 50
Nifty16JuneCE… | LTP – 10.8 | Bid – 2750 | ask – 2760 | …………………………|open interest – ……| ………….. etc showing

i know LTP – 10.8 is premium but it is Last traded price(premium), i want what is actual premium of nifty 50 index currently.
Now i’m pressing F6 to showing snap quote, not showing premium of nifty50.

my question is very simple where i can see the actual premium of nifty 50 which is currently running in the market?.

here how i can attach screen shot of my market watch list to more convenient.

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