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Jegan commented on 30 May 2016, 04:44 PM


I had won 60 day challenge last time and going to win one more time consecutively by today. I have the following questions

1) Why does it take 10-15 working days to refund brokerage? Is there any screening done over the trades I had done?

2) At end of financial year, refunded money will be considered as profit to which I need to pay the tax?

3) How many times do I need to win 60 day challenge to participate in Zerodha interview? Is it based ROI, capital, risk trades?

4) To qualify in opentrade, still the requirements are not clear. What type of traders will be in opentrade? There are more winners in webpage, but few are in OpenTrade.

5) How do you come to know how much risk I am taking? By looking at the trade book or talking to me in interview?

I am really happy with Trading in Zerodha. Thanks Nithin. I am bit concerned about max refund policy Rs 6000 for 60 day as I do more trades everyday. It looks like 5 trades (100 per day) free per day if I am going to be the winner :).

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