Comment on Option Strategy - Zerodha Trader

DV commented on 30 May 2016, 12:48 PM

Hi Nithin,

You mentioned we can take weekly option positions in Pi.

However , when I tried taking position ( after reading your answer ) , it automatically enters the monthly option position – even after specifying weekly expiry. This has cost me some money as well !!! I have sent a mail to your support team on that note. So, Can you please clarify 2 things here ?

1. Can we trade banknifty weekly options using ANY platform of Zerodha ? If no, just for an idea , when can we expect to trade these?

2. Can you please update the users ( via mail or something ) that weekly options are not working in Pi / Kite , so that they don’t take wrong positions !!!

I agree that you guys provide super-easy and fast platform to trade – but on the cost of numerous operational issues, which need to be given the first priority !

Hope things get better soon ..

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