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Bhushan commented on 25 May 2016, 05:49 PM

Hello Zerodha,
PI is a wonderful software and i strongly feel there are many areas of improvement to give advantage over other broker’s tools. here are some of the pain areas experienced
1. When i take 1 min chart for 5 days and zoom, the chart gets zoomed in mid of the Chart. and at this stage its very painful to scroll to right side to see the latest candles. i have to hit the right arrow atleast 30-40 times ! or hold on to right arrow key. this is Very time consuming during trading hrs.
>> Can you please have a automatic scroll to latest candles option? this feature is available in NEST
there should be some way for easy scrolling

2. Chart details are not properly stored or recorded. If i have 3 charts opened of different time spans say 1 day, 5 day and 10 day. after i close and reopen PI, all charts will have 10 day chart. I mean only the duration of last chart opened is remembered by PI.
>> Each chart duration should be remembered individually .

3. PI still needs a lot of Performance tests like load test, stess test, hangout recovery tests. am professional software testing engineer and i see none of such tests pass successfully on PI.
If i open more than 10 charts or tabs PI starts to Hang or becomes non-responsive during trading hours !

4. Multiple market watch is necessary. as of now if user has to see the market watch and also see couple of charts he should be really having a 15 inch screen to accommodate.


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