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Vivek Deshpande commented on 25 May 2016, 03:53 PM

Hello Nithin,
I found some issues and suggestions with Pi and Kite.
1) In Kite In can not see Stochastic Oscillator indicator, only plain Stochastic & Stochastic Momentum Index is there
2) NIFTY strip line to Kite, it will be convenient to have guess about NIFTY, exactly where its trending.
3) Support & Resistance are extremely on the right hand side of the screen, it can not be dragged to center or moved as per my convenience. When we load Fibonacci Retracement, it get merged with S&R. So can not use F.R.
4) Also if you want to analyze historical data for which when we load Pivot Points, it selects only latest one, you can not analyze support & Resistance levels for historical data.
5) Even though Pivot point there is issue with resolution. Its a big issue with resolution of Pi. you can not move your loaded chart in up or down direction Better to have this feature.
6) ATR is not there in Pi
7) When you apply Stochastic Oscillator with any M.A and when you want to change it M.A ex from Simple to Exponential/weighted, graph changes as per our requirement but description of M.A doesn’t get change. It remains always Simple. After certain time or having overview on some other chart, its difficult to guess M.A we had selected. Better to have details, which M.A currently we have selected.
8) Below Support/Resistance (S2,S3/R2,R3 levels), you can not see it exactly what LTP is going on for selected trade or candle.
I had opened ticket 412110 to address these issues also shared session with zerodha representative; he agreed there are issues which I shown him. But dont know whether these issues got addressed or not?
I hope you will look into this.

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