Comment on Managing your Script

nagesh commented on 21 May 2014, 03:27 PM

Dear Kamath sir,
I am nagesh here, my id is RN0699, ZERODHA trader. I have few questions please resolve.
As i read about ALGOZ Trading, i enquired your office regarding this(ph:08040402020), they are unable to answer my questions. please clarify my questions below:
1) How to back test algoz for free without losing my money in trading ? presently i am trading equity delivery, “CNC”, Using ALGOZ, Is it possible to trade in ‘CNC’.
2) I would like to apply quantum economics in algoz, how to code it . please send me e book to code my mail id : [email protected]
3) Is algoz is free for ZT customer ?
4) As i am new to this trading field, if you have any suggestions when to buy and sell , please advice and educate me with your knowledge and ebook.
Thanks for your valuable suggestions sir,

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