Comment on Tax loss harvesting

Kabir commented on 22 May 2016, 01:09 AM

Nithin Sir,off topic query which arised after reading some interviews here.

I trade just 1 lot of Relinfra or Tatasteel Future.
If I trade same quantity in equity i.e,1300 shares of Infra or 2000 shares of Tatasteel using SL-M order,will they get filled at the same price?

I generally look for a quick 1rs profit,but if it reverse in Future,I make a loss.So,If I trade equity I can control the number of shares.
So,If I trade 6000 shares of Tatasteel Equity or 5200 shares of Infra,will they fill at the same price like it fill in Future?

Entry at say 540 and target at 541(5200 shares of Infra)

Hope you understand my concern.


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