Comment on Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

Brijesh commented on 21 May 2016, 09:34 PM

I too suggest that Bracket order is beneficial only when it takes main/primary order and that too with basket order facility.
Otherwise stiill you have to look the market and with this you can completely do trade with your analysis.

Sharekhan has this facility where all legs of bracket order are limit order and none is market order so you just place AMO order and forget about the order whole day. Your analysis will do the rest of the things and if it comes with basket then it is like icing on the cake, In few minutes u can place muliptle order and forget and if it comes with VTD and then it is marvelous. Means forget for 10 – 12 – 40 – 60 day or till VTD and give the facility to modify orders each item, order will alive whole life.

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