Comment on Bracket Orders & Trailing Stoploss (SL)

arti commented on 18 May 2014, 12:49 PM

Hi nithin,
I mailed a complaint at 13-may-2014 regarding my trades as following text.

Dear Sir,
I am Arti Mittal Unique client Code MPDA1727,Trading Code no. DA1727
As for today 13- may -2014, when I compared completed order book with tradebook of 13- may-2014.
I found that exchange order no. in tradebook and comleted order book do not match. Some of them are same and some are different.
And I want to stress on one specific nifty future Buy Trade , trade time 13:33:46 13- may -2014 , which is as follows

TradeId 25523000
Tradebook exchange order no. 2014051332012300
order book exchange order no. 2014051332012305
trigger price 7159.45
trade price 7158.70

It is clearly visible , that trigger price for buying order is 7159.45 and traded price is 7158.70 ,since order is not triggered at all because market did not reach at trigger level at that particular time, As trigger price is higher than trade price and exchange order no in tradebook and orderbook not matched.

completed order book and trade book of 13-may-2014 in excel fomat is attached for your information.
According to one minute intaday data, nifty future 29may2014 did not breach 7158 level after 13:30 to 15:30
And one minute intra day data sheet also attached
We want your response in writing through Email.
Arti mittal “

I submitted this complaint to [email protected] And a Support ticket #307810 was createdOn 13-may-2014 5:33 PM . but I did not get any response from your end up to now 18- may-2014 12:00 noon.
That’ s why I have to post it on Zconnect.
I hope you will respond for my complaint promptly.

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