Comment on Nithin - Zero to Zerodha

Praveen commented on 13 May 2016, 04:35 PM

Nitin & All,
I have been to retail biz from age 12yrs biz was good till family bebt hit me hard, I lost hope and went to BPO & it was until recently, some guy forwarded a video of Warren Buffet, I am so inspired – its not about money or just winning, this is new experience – I have been literally studying stock market past two months then on. Trading only few times (max 10 times) not big investment or on big loss just to learn and understand market. Your story has inspired me – I am a challenger as well who had even won couple of Kaizen awards where i literally dint have any one to compete me (unless they used my formulas and templates) at office….soon I will be in stock market – if the 60 day challenge is on – I am sure will be in that list soon.

I really have to appreciate – you have a good team whose support was enormous.



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