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Praveen commented on 16 May 2014, 12:26 PM

I have never traded a option but i want to do some trade in it. take the example of today as market were constantly rising in that condition what option i have to buy or sell? For example Nifty 7500CE was trading at around 200 in morning. So to have profit shall i buy call or put option? And i know call is like long and put is like short position. So if market is bullish i shall buy call and if market is bearish i shall sell puts? Am i correct?
I am actually having a big doubt among the 4 thing-:

Long Call Option
Long Put Option
Short Call Option
Short Put option

is long call and short put same?
is long put and short call same?

And one more thing lets say Nifty 7500CE is trading at 200 then what margin i require to have a long position? Is it 200×50 which equals to 10000?

Please clarify my doubts in your free time

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