Comment on Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

ChokS commented on 04 May 2016, 05:57 PM


Techincal issues are something that can’t be avoidable.
Every Organisation including Zerodha Invest heavy amount in Technology
and periodically test their IT for errors and faults and have backup system to handle.
But still, new bugs/errors may arise.
NSE too had cases of server issues earlier.
Microsoft is still sending patches to fix bugs in Windows 7 after their launch on Oct 09.
So, Technical issues can be reduced and nearly impossible to Avoid.
Better understand this, instead of blaming Broker.

Suppose, Due to today problem, If your account is doubled…
Can You give it back to Zerodha or to the Opposite Party who sold/bought shares to/from you.
The answer is Never, Even You will not disclose it or comment here that “I Got my A/c doubled
due to today’s problem”.

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