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Aarti commented on 03 May 2016, 04:32 PM

Hi Team,

Was there any technical snag post 3:15pm for users of Kite or Pi ? I had kept order to buy 1 lot SKSMICRO @ 615.70 and that got freezed in orderbook. LTP of SKSMICRO was 615 seller. Still my order to buy @615.70 didnt got executed and i tried to update it from Kite as well, but no luck. As of now Positions shows -1000 and I am worried that i didn’t wanted to carry SKS short and unfortunately due to this technical mess i am forced to carry. Waiting for contract notes to check what was finally happened..

How to deal with such issues, specially when it happens at 3:15-3:25pm when your dial and trade numbers are too busy ?


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