Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Bhushan Kela commented on 03 May 2016, 08:44 AM

Hi Nithin Sir,
I am using Kite Mobile Android App…Few suggestions / clarifications I would request here.
1. When we open a chart in Kite Android App…there is no feature to move the chart Right to Left…the only way I could found is Zoom out …this makes the chart UI fade and we cannot analyse on the same.
2. In Kite (Web version) we do not have the option for Advanced charting. I have seen that some times back on this forum in one snapshot here.
3.Please add the indices screen at the top (and the same need not be added in Market Watch) in the same way it is on Pi at top.
4. Please make the study drop down to show all indicators, because only few technical analysts will know the full name of indicator and then they will be able to search.
5. Open Interest should be able to add on the screen. May be this you can add below the charts of FNO series (Index / stocks).
6. The UI for change in tick (Green colour font for uptick and Red colour font for down tick) is not so cool. We have to stress the Eyes to focus on the movement.Can you please make the same as it is in PI that the backgroud colour of the Bid / ask / LTP price changes to green / red colour. This I have already emailed to Zerodha support team two months back.
Please make the requested changes if feasible / ok to you.

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