Comment on Consequences of Short delivery - NSE/BSE

Mathes commented on 02 May 2016, 07:36 PM

Mr. Nithin Kamath,

I bought 400 shares of Ambuja Cements on 26th April and when I checked my account today on 2nd May, ie on T+4, the shares are not in my account. When I sent a mail to Zerodha Support, they replied it is short delivery and went for auction. Was it not supposed to be automatically taken up by Zerodha on T+2? Suppose if I didnt take up today and checked only after a week, still Zerodha would not have done anything on their own to deliver my stocks for which I paid on 26th April? Very strange and a big let up for a new client like me. Any justification for this?

My Client ID is RM4027.

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