Comment on Trading Q&A

Hanan commented on 14 May 2014, 11:26 AM

Jason, your trades get squared off if you have higher losses on your account, not if you lose 10 points on an intraday trade. The way margins work is if you’re required to have 12000 to enter a position, you can enter only if you have that amount. Once in the position, you can ride it until you start losing much more of your capital, maybe 20-30% – at this level, our RMS desk will intervene and square off your position if it is risky. So for example, if you entered this position because you had the exact amount of Rs. 12000, then you book a loss of Rs. 1000 on the trade… after this, you can’t re-enter the trade because you don’t have sufficient margin. Please read our Policies and Procedures page to get more info.

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