Comment on Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

Venkat commented on 27 Apr 2016, 07:33 PM

Yes, many bugs.. I still have a mail from your support team that the bug is fixed and will be deployed soon but who will recover the loss caused due to this bug? I don’t understand how they were missed out..

I like the portal, may be you have to recruit a good QA team and also improve the knowledge of the customer care too. I faced a situation where I had to explain him how short selling works to his question “how can you sell the stock when you don’t hold them”.

May be my feedback is harsh on the good looking application, being myself an IT pro and doesn’t like to see such glitches in the live application. Even today a raised a ticket to fix the overlapping issue in contract notes. Still I like the application because of the easiness.

Thanks for the nice initiative and hope it will be bug free Portal very soon.

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