Comment on Zerodha - Plan of Action - FY 2014/15

Prabhanshu commented on 11 May 2014, 01:37 PM

Hi Zerodha, I could not find any appropriate place to ask this questions, so commenting here. Will appreciate a quick response on these. I am travelling to US for a month and will be back to India.
Q1. Is it legal to trade in NSE (in India) from USA?
Q2. Is it legal to open an trading account in USA and trade in US stock’s/currencies?
Q3. If ans for Q2 is Yes, then is it legal to trade in US Stock’s/currencies from India?
Q4. Generic Query for NSE CCY and Commodity trading in India – From where I can download EOD prices for these and see intraday real time charts? Unlike Equity, there are many options and free websites for seeing real time prices and many options to download EOD rates, I am not finding these options for CCY and Commodities.


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