Comment on Tax loss harvesting

Kabir commented on 23 Apr 2016, 02:54 PM

Sir,Please answer my these queries, I put down some scenarios of some of the friends-
All Full Time Trader Cases-

1)F&O Turnover is below 1Cr,(only Futures contracts,thus turnover is below 1Cr)
Income from trading is only 3 lakhs,
FD interest I receive is 1 lakh,do I need audit?

2) F&O Turnover is above 1Cr,(Option Trading increases the turnover figure )
Income from trading is only 3 lakhs,
FD interest he received is 1 lakh,does he need audit

3) F&O Turnover is above 1Cr,
Profit made is only 1.15 Lakhs
FD interest he receives is 80k, does he need audit?

4) F&O Turnover is above 1Cr
Loss made 1 Lakh.
FD interest is 1.25 Lakhs.
Do I need audit? I don’t want to carry forward this 1 Lakh loss.Just a plain ITR return of interest received on FD we will show,it it ok?

5)If I take only futures trades with a nice strategy,I could make(may be) 10 Lakhs profit,but my turnover will be below 1 Cr,when we take option trades then only this turnover figure rises and we have to pay a big amount to CA.
Thats the reason I avoid taking option trades 🙁
your views on this please.


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