Comment on Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

NEO commented on 22 Apr 2016, 01:43 AM

Hi Nithin,
Great initiative. Few queries though.
Allowing programmatic access to placing orders equates to allowing automated trading since one can use the APIs to place orders without any manual intervention ( leaving aside the nitty gritties of integrating the strategy itself ). Till now with Zerodha it has been semi automated at the best…even with the Pi bridge. Wrt to this,
1) Am I correct in my assumption ? (If yes , then is a bold statement in the industry and I think you should market it with more vigour 🙂 . Just my 2 cents )
2) Has any rule regarding automated trading changed recently .. regarding all that of getting a dealer terminal + getting all the approvals including audit by a CA and UAT ?
3) Also , all orders coming through the API would be a potential automated order as there’s no way to know what
kind of app / program the user has written..whether that’s implemented under a “button” that requires manual intervention or called via some other program..Is this there any legality involved here wrt violating automated trading norms?
4)Are the orders via API differentiated from the orders via other routes , i.e. can one tell if the order has been placed via the API if one has access to the orders placed by a client?

Congrats again on keeping up the innovation in this industry.
Way to go ,

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