Comment on Zerodha Trader - Brief

Hanan commented on 08 May 2014, 06:17 PM

Rohit, our advice is that you use a Windows virtualization software on your Mac/Linux computer and install ZT on your virtual Windows system. This will give you all the features you need and will also provide a certain degree of stability that the native Mac/Linux app will not be able to provide. Virtualbox and VMWare are free and very reliable Windows virtualization tools.

About Z5:
1. It logs you out based on inactivity. If you’ve been inactive for over 15 minutes, it will log you out.
2. Yes, we realize this bug exists. We’ve reported this and are waiting for a resolution from our developers.
3. The setting of defaults is done on the backend for this version of Z5. When we roll out newer features, we’ll make sure we add this in the user’s own settings panel.

Check out our new BO at

We’ve noted your other feedback and will definitely keep it in mind.

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