Comment on Open Interest, MaxPain & Put Call Ratio(PCR)

Srinivas commented on 16 Apr 2016, 09:44 AM

Sir, I am new for options and I have basic knowledge about options. I am option buyer ( Retail investor) and I need a clarification / guidance on the following…. I am a ZERODHA customer also……

Currently nifty is at 7850. It has raised by 200-250 pints in last 3 days.

Today data shows as….
1) nifty index future OI increased by 9.05%

2) nifty 7800 put -OI 3898800 increased by 2561100 (highest OI change)
3) nifty 8100 call –OI 4215150 increased by 1243800 (highest OI change)

4) nifty call OI = 5043975 “7900” – nifty put OI = 1854225 (for same strike rate)

As per ur article I understand that, 7800 is support and 8100 is a resistance for nifty for this month expiry.

Now, my point is that, what is a strategy for me (option buyer) . Which option “call / put” may be profitable for next 2-3 days for trading.

Please explain me, it is only approximate , because I know that any thing can happen in Market at any time.

Hope a speedy reply on this.

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