Comment on Transfer funds into your trading account

Nutan Parmar commented on 13 Apr 2016, 08:47 PM

sir, i am losing my confidence with zerodha.
i have transfer the money from my bank account on 12th April earlier in morning to account RN2586. total number of transaction was 25000 x 2 times =50000.00 and have sent the screen shot to zerodha on 9.48am on 12/04/16.
this amount was not updated in my trading account till 1.11 pm after which i have raised a Ticket #378227, for which i got reply @ 8.02 pm asking for the account number.
at 9.30 am on 13.04.16 i have checked the account and found that still there was no update in my trading account and then i have call to the support team, after holding for 10 min in Que my phone was answer and support team assure me of updating my account within few minutes after giving my bank account number. after checking in my trading account i found that only 25000/ was updated in my account. i have waited till afternoon, and then i have call again to support team, they asked for my account statement to mail which i have mailed. and i have gotten a new
Ticket #623459. i am very unhappy with the fund transfer system, yours platform is good, your software is good every thing is nice of zerodha leaving fund transfer, you have built a nice image, please dont spoil this image,
will request you to please look into this matter on urgent basis

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