Comment on algoZ- a simple example

kalyan commented on 06 May 2014, 08:34 PM

I have been using nest plus since about one and half years. Its awesome. recently (about 3-4 months back the version has been updated. the updated version is highly unpredictable. I have noticed the following errors :

1. “or ” is not recognised in any strategy.” And” was also not being recognised. After updating some dll files by zerodha ” and” is being recognised
2. Back testing gives “imaginary” values.
3. If there is a transient disconnection of internet.. say for 1 or 2 sec nest plus fails to reconnect although market watch continues to work.
4. backtesting on the same data gives different results with version 7 and version 8. version 7 follows the strategy/programming well.

i have tried on different laptops, with different operating systems (windows 7 and windows 8) with different internet connections ( 8mbps, 15 mbps, 25 mbps of bsnl and beam). the problem persists on all ccomputers with nearly all the strategies.

I have been bringing this to your notice since last 4-5 months. unless nest plus becomes predictable i will not be able to trade as i depend on algoz for most of analysis and trading.
Kindly look in to the matter.

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