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sunil commented on 08 Apr 2016, 01:41 PM

I have a suggestion on a new kind of Tax P&L report per FY, which will help the retail investors(delivery Trading) paying STCG and Advance Tax.

Each row should have P/L, all charges per day per script using FIFO method.

While filing returns under STCG, we can get the below values.
Full value of consideration(A) – Sum of Column 6 – Sell_Value
Expenditure Incurred(B) – Sum of Column 9 – Total Tax exempted charges
Cost of Acquisition(C) – Sum of Column 5 – Buy_Value
A-B-C should be equal to Sum of Column 11 – Taxable P/L

Also to help on Advance Taxation split, Provide sum of Column 11 – Taxable P/L, for each of below date-range on column 8 – Sell_Date.
1/4 – 15/9, 16/9 – 15/12, 16/12-15/3, 16/3-31/3

This report should be sorted on per Column 1 – script name and per Column 8 – Sell date.

I hope this info is useful.

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