Comment on NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

Arun Sharma commented on 05 Apr 2016, 10:46 AM

Hello Zerodha – I spoke to couple of different broker about NRI account including ICICI and while for buying in big amount and more than 1 lot for Future your brokerage is cheaper but if someone say 25K in different equity your brokerage of 200 is even costlier than ICICI even at their highest price of 1.25% and also as they are the bank I am not paying reporting/transaction charges of another Rs.100 same in the case of Future and option if buying 1 lot at a time.
From discount broker side tradeplus has 30 and 3 paisa fro equity and F&O advertised for NRI client which would work out cheaper for above scenario I defined. Don’t get me wrong I love Zerodha and as you guys might see trade very regularly and have a decent portfolio as well but as my status is changing from resident to NRI Zerodha is loosing appeal to me as a one stop destination for trading in India. Appreciate any response or anything can be done on NRI brokerages.


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