Comment on 10th Std Pass, Market Wizard from Thrissur

S Tomer commented on 03 Apr 2016, 03:15 AM

I read the interview with Joby. Once my mentor told me that If I earned money in the stock market by wrong methods, I will loose it one day surely. Trading in the market is just like driving. If I drive a car without learning it, it will definitely make accident. The same is with the market. We all come here in the market to make money without learning. It is most important to learn the market. There are different methods, its upto us which method we adopt. But adopt only that method in which we don’t feel fear or greed. Stock market is just like going in war. A soldier with Rifles, knives, martial arts has surely edge above another soldier equipped with Rifle only. So we must have plan before trading. A Plan what to do when the price go against us, in favour of us. One thing, if after taking the trade, we have to ask some one what to do, I request forget trading rightnow and learn first. Even after learning we may make mistakes but chances are less. Money Management if very necessary in trading. Since we all have gambling instinct, we can open three accounts, one investment, 2nd trading & 3rd for gambling. But we should make sure that we will never add any money to the gambling account. Thanks

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