Comment on Latest Pi update - 29th Feb 2016

Raj commented on 02 Apr 2016, 09:53 PM

First of all really appreciate wonderful work you people are doing.

The last 2 updates added some really good features particularly Color coded volume bars, changing of time frames in chart, modifying orders from chart .. Keep up the good work!

Few suggestions:-
If possible please try to incorporate these in the versions to come or let me know if any of these is already possible and I am missing.

1. Filtering options in order book, particularly in completed order panel, especially to exclude cancelled orders (i guess we can do this in Kite)

2. Admin function gives P&L of the position per stock i.e. the buy and sell prices come as average ..(buy and sell average price). If we take multiple positions in the same stock, P&L tracking for each each new position becomes difficult. It would be best if Admin can show the P&L per position instead of per stock.

3. After the latest update, moving the mouse wheel, zooms in and zooms out the chart.
Earlier we could use mouse wheel to scroll the chart 1 bar at at time. Now we cannot do the same as arrow keys scroll more than 1 bar at a time, please add this functionality

4. Title bar / index bar / or anywhere on the screen, if 2 things can be displayed
a Next trading date (like it comes on NSE site on top right hand side)
b F&O Expiry date of the current month

5. Highlighter tool in chart, we can manage with ellipse tools but highlighter (to highlight/mark/color areas in chart) could be handy, if possible please add.

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