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Amey commented on 01 Apr 2016, 05:46 PM

(Hope you take below positively with an open mind)
The trade feed from stars isn’t satisfactory and practically un-followable and there is nothing to learn from the trades neither earn consistently..

I am following 4 stars since 1 week…

One star trades so so so fast and so heavily that before we take positions he is in-out… It is humanly impossible to take his trades… It seems like an Algo is trading!! Seems he may be using an algo thru’ Pi bridge or similar (I think)

Other positional stars never book profits even if they be +100pts and exit at cost when stock comes back to entry… more surprisingly they keep “reversing their positions” frequently at entry levels and keep switching their stand in few 15-20 points (taking consistent losses)…

Even if we assume positional trades (Not taking 100+ pts profit and exiting at cost and then keep on reversing positions just for mere 15-20 pts. that too with losses)… This doesn’t look to be humanly normal!

The %profit/loss quant reports keep changing w/o any basis with very wide swings… eg- a star’s performance showed 36K profit for 23rd Mar till yesterday and now it’s showing 72K for 23rd itself!

There is nothing to be learnt wrt knowledge/style and nothing to be gained in monetary terms..

I think we ie- everyone in Zerodha (Mgt + Clients) must relook and regroup ourselves to make this wonderful idea workable, otherwise it will keep losing its sheen in the days to come!

Looking forward…

Best of Luck &

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