Comment on Opentrade - learn following star traders

SJ0215 commented on 29 Mar 2016, 05:40 PM

Hi Nithin,
Hope you are working on the sms/email issues… Addl issues below for yr considerations>

1. We need to club a 1 trade (Entry till Exit) in one line/row on the dashboard with preferably the %profit/loss (maybe in a tabular form or entry/exit clubbed one below the other…

2. Also, a unique “Trade No.” for each trade is desirable to track/monitor etc.

3. Trades in a single day need to come on a single page and not in multiple pages… or with an option of trades per page (like we have in Flipkart etc.)

4. MIS/NRML position is essential for carrying forward a trade, if star may do so and also, you need to check if auto-squared-off trades are also being relayed to followers or not..

5. Desktop notification that is mentioned isn’t working in IE browser and also in Firefox…

6. Positions under the portfolio tab and current open/actual positions in trade feed do not match and are inconsistent…

Looking forward to your feedback and resolutions..

warm regards..

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