Comment on Bracket Orders & Trailing Stoploss (SL)

Subhash commented on 29 Apr 2014, 04:31 PM

Hi Nithin Sir,

My Name is Subhash, I am Zerodha Trader, i want One More with this Trailing Stop Loss… Bracket Order…

As I want One more Option as like Trailing stop loss that is Target line is to be moving forward as like the trailing stop loss line. The Modified Target Order Becomes like a End Less Profit to the Trader.

Example from the Business Line,
Buy stock X at 100, along with a target order at 110 and stop-loss order at 98. The X Stock Moves Up to 108,, the Trailing Stop loss will be 106… then the target is 110…

I continues here with Modified Target Order…

if Suppose the stock will Moving to 110 the Target order is Moving Up to 112 … then the Trailing stop loss will be 108…

My Problem is again Explained by a Table…
Example with Above Same Values:

CMP Target Trailing StopLoss

100 110 98 Intial Position Entered
102 110 100
104 110 102
106 110 104
108 110 106
Here After I want Modification in our System.
110 112 108
112 114 110
114 116 112

In this Trailing Target Line, Any Problem will facing by Trader, Kindly Inform Me. I Request you to Update Our Trading System.

Business Line Link:

Happy Trading.!

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